We combined a skipper, pirate captain, and knight together to make a British Redcoat.

Previously, I’ve posted about my experiments in Creating Customized Duplo Figures by re-combining existing figures into new combinations. Recently, while playing Duplos with my sons, we noticed that the official Duplo pirate characters didn’t have a “good guy” royal navy to battle against. So we made one that kind of resembles British Redcoats!

By combining the gray tricorn hat from the skipper figure, the red coat from the pirate captain figure, and the gray pants from some knight figures, we came up with a standardized uniform for the sailors. We left one guy with an eyepatch to be the captain of the good guys, and then made some figures with a variety of the faces available.

Some of the various combinations we made

One thing of note that was different from previous Duplo figure combination experiments is that all of these figures have smaller heads. This allows them to wear the pirate captain hat or knight helmets. Inside of the figure bodies, instead of the pinch pin found in the earlier post for the newer figures, these older figure heads were secured with a small Phillips head screw. Simply removing the screw allowed the head (and hat/scalp) to be removed.

The Phillips screw holding the head on (left) and head parts when disassembled (right).


The “good guy” British Redcoat figures we created


Along with a few lion knights, the redcoat sailors are hunting pirates.

Update 3/18: Check out the next post about creating Redcoat Officers!

Share some custom Duplo figures you’ve made in the comments section below!

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