Since my kids have gotten interested in Lego Duplo blocks, I’ve been looking for ways to make unique little landscapes for them. Duplo blocks are big, but the official baseplates that Lego sells aren’t that big! Also, I remember having a fun Lego island baseplate when I was a kid that I used to make pirate bases. The internet is a big place, but I haven’t been able to find pre-made baseplates available that have interesting designs like this for Duplo-sized blocked or a massive scale. So I made 4 different ones!

A fun Lego island baseplate I had as a kid – great for making pirate bases.

While my Googling didn’t return any pre-made baseplates that fit what I was looking for, I found a great product from CreativeQT called Peel ‘n Stick Baseplates that I was able to use for multiple projects. The 10″ x 10″ baseplates have a construction-grade adhesive on the back and can be cut to size for more complex projects.

A promo image from CreativeQT

I ended up making 4 unique baseplates:

  1. A giant green baseplate
  2. A giant blue baseplate
  3. A raised green baseplate relief landscape
  4. A Melissa & Doug wooden castle


A giant 40″ x 30″ green baseplate has ample room for a whole town. It is backed by project board from Home Depot.
The 40″ x 30″ green baseplate is also great for containing a whole kingdom
A giant 40″ x 30″ blue baseplate backed by project board is great for building custom islands (or icebergs) on.
Looks like Hulk is trying to get away in a basket.
This one took more work, but I used a 20″ x 10″ Peel ‘n Stick baseplate on project board and a utility knife to create a relief baseplate. I used plywood to add vertical relief.
My younger son built a colorful castle with a drawbridge on the relief baseplate.
Finally, I cut a Peel ‘n Stick baseplate up and adhered it to a Melissa & Doug wooden castle to create a portable Duplo castle we could take on trips!
A view of the front of the castle.
A close up of the interior.
Since all of the custom baseplates have the same thickness project board as a backing material, they are the same height and can be stuck together.
When not in use, the huge baseplates can lean against a wall or go in a closet.

I’d love to hear about your custom Duplo baseplate projects. Post in the comments below!

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