Evan Crouch.

I’m a web programmer and scientist, specializing in the creation of data portals, e-commerce websites, interactive maps, automated systems, mobile applications, and custom database interfaces. I first began programming in PHP after being introduced to the language at a Pennsylvania Governor’s School for IT in 2002. I earned a Ph.D in Forest Hydrology in 2012 and use my interdisciplinary outlook to better approach problem solving and leadership.

That’s the blurb from my LinkedIn page ^^. I live with my family in Boulder, CO and work for the fabulous web tech firm Insight Designs Web Solutions. In my free time, I like to dabble with electronics in my role as CTO of CrouchHouse, play with my kids and wife as much as possible, and perform rock music with my band Carry Me Ohio.

Camping with my son in the Rocky Mountains
Camping with my son in the Rocky Mountains.